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  • 29 May 2019
  • 14:00 - 15:30
  • Belvédère Information Centre (Fenikshof 1 entrance via Penitentenpoort between Pathé en UNU-MERIT)
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Summer tours Sphinxkwartier and Frontenpark

In May and June, Belvédère Maastricht hosts 2 free English tours of the Sphinxkwartier and Frontenpark. During these walking tours, you are going to see many new hotspots in the Belvédère area led by a guide.

When: Wednesday 29 May
Where: Belvédère Information Centre, Fenikshof 1 (entrance via Penitentenpoort between Pathé en UNU-MERIT)
Price: There is no charge to attend, but registration is required.

This year Belvédère hosts 2 free English tours of the Sphinxkwartier and Frontenpark. Each tour starts at 2:00 PM, where they explain the main points at the Belvédère information centre. After that, the walking tour starts. The guide will take you to new businesses such as Gedeelde Weelde and The Student Hotel. From there, the tour will continue towards Sphinxcour, which is where Loods 5 is located. The tour will proceed via the Bassin marina to have a look at Lumière film house and, when the renovation has sufficiently progressed, the Muziekgieterij (music venue).

The renovation of the Frontenpark will be completed during the summer of 2019. Depending on the progress at the time, you will walk through the Baron Dibbetspark towards the new underpass near Cabergerweg. During the tour, you will pass the fortifications that have been renovated in recent years to prevent further deterioration. If it is not yet possible to continue via Frontenpark, then the tour will continue directly to the ‘back garden’ of the Sphinx Quarter, and you will head to Het Radium where the industrial and imposing Cokesfebrik and Gashouder buildings are, definitely are worth a visit!

For registration and more information, visit the website of Belvédère Maastricht.