General Practitioner

In the Netherlands, the huisarts (General Practitioner, family doctor) plays an important role in health care. A visit to the GP is the first step to receiving medical treatment. A GP in the Netherlands records patient medical information on file, and when required refers patients to specialist medical care. 

Choosing a doctor

Once registered with the municipality it is important to register with a GP in the local area.

There are online lists of GPs available both nationwide and in the Maastricht Region.

All GPs have the same education and are approved by the authorities in the Netherlands. It is possible to make an appointment to meet a GP and discuss personal requirements before deciding whether to register with their practice. It is always useful to take along medical records for existing conditions. 

The number for emergency medical help in the Netherlands is 112

For further information about doctors and the health system in the Netherlands, head to our Healthcare section.