Registration in the Netherlands

All residents in the Netherlands who are planning to stay more than four months must register their details in the Basisregistratie Personen – BRP (Municipal Personal Records Database) with the municipality in which they intend to live. This appointment needs to be in person, with all family members present. 

All residents new to the Netherlands are required by Dutch law to register their presence within five days after arriving.

If staying in the Netherlands for less than four months there is a special procedure for registration: registratie niet ingezetenenRNI (registration as a non-inhabitant).

The Expat Centre Maastricht Region offers a fast track way of registering employees who have relocated to the Netherlands as a kennismigrant (highly skilled migrant), onderzoeker (researcher) or top artiest (professional artist) along with their family members. To be eligible for the fast track process the employer has to be an IND recognised sponsor. More information on this procedure in our Companies section. 

Non-EU citizens will need a residence permit to complete their registration. Go to our Visas & Permits section for more information regarding work and residence permits.

Moving within the Netherlands

When moving residences but staying within a municipality, the municipality must be notified as soon the move is complete. When relocating within the Netherlands, as soon as registration with the new municipality is complete, deregistration the old municipality takes place automatically. This is usually completed online via the website of the new municipality, where responsibility for paying city taxes (which are paid to the BsGW in Limburg) will also automatically be adjusted and transferred.

Leaving the Netherlands

When moving to another country from the Netherlands it is mandatory to deregister from the BRP. The municipality automatically notifies other government authorities of the registered departure. Deregistration can be carried out up to a month before leaving the Netherlands, a date of departure must be specified and deregistration will be carried out on the departure date provided. This can be done via the website of the municipality.