Relocation services

When relocating to another country, it can be useful to get help from a relocation agency, as it can smooth the transition considerably. If being sent abroad by an employer, the employer will usually pay the relocation agency fees. Prices and services differ between companies so listing your own personal requirements enables a good comparison between relocation agencies. Not all agencies provide all services. 

What to expect from a relocation agency
Services prior to  / upon arrival in the Netherlands
  • Assistance with arranging visas, permits and documentation;
  • Assistance with customs and tax exemption papers, mediation with moving companies, and information about rules and regulations with respect to bringing pets to the Netherlands;
  • Collection from the airport upon arrival;
  • Support when registering at municipality or expat centre / Burgerservicenummer – BSN (citizen service number) application, opening a bank account, selecting insurances;
  • Help with securing accommodation (buying or renting), connecting utilities (gas, water and electricity); renting or buying furniture;
  • Providing information about the area (practical information and tourism services);
  • Assistance with buying, leasing or importing a car and/or bicycle, information on transport systems and tickets;
  • Find a cleaning or gardening service or other residence-related services;
  • Introduction to (international) schools, au pairs or childcare;
  • Information about language courses available in the area;
  • Providing explanation about the health system, doctors, dentists and child health clinics;
  • Introduction to the local culture, entertainment, sports clubs.
Services upon departure from the Netherlands
  • Assistance with moving on to the next country – as above;
  • Assistance and advice with termination of rental contract, cancelling contracts with utility service providers, selling property, mediation with moving companies, and deregistration with municipality.