After registration, the dentist will generally schedule in a regular check-up every six months. The dentist will perform most routine procedures themselves. Anaesthesia will generally not be given automatically; it must be requested from the dentist before dental treatment (if required).

tandarts (dentist) does not always have availability to accept new clients. An initial intake appointment must be made for all family members before treatment can commence. Not all dentists are covered by all national health insurance policies, check with both dentist and health insurance provider to ensure coverage. National health insurance covers children under 18 for all dental costs. Extra health insurance policies can be taken out to cover certain dental care expenses, but this is not included in the standard package for all people above 18 years.

Emergency dentist

In the event of an urgent/emergency dental situation, contact the dentist. Outside office hours, the dentist’s voicemail will provide contact details for the local spoedhulp tandarts (emergency dentist).

Spoedhulp tandarts Maastricht: +31 (0)900 424 3434
Spoedhulp tandarts Sittard-Geleen: +31 (0)85 773 3577
Spoedhulp tandarts Heerlen: +31 (0)45 405 2185