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Mobility & Transport


There are a number of taxi companies operational in the Maastricht Region. In the Netherlands some regulations regarding taxis differ to those in other countries:

  • Authorised taxi vehicles are recognisable by their blue registration/number plates
  • Taxis must display their tariff card to be clearly visible from both inside and outside the vehicle
  • Taxi drivers must be in possession of a Chauffeurskaart complete with photo, which must be displayed in a manner clearly visible to passengers
  • Authorised taxis must have a Boordcomputer Taxi, a computer that records the journeys and work times of each driver
  • Authorised taxi vehicles must have a Taxameter, a meter that determines the cost of the journey dependent on time taken, distance travelled and rate (day/night)
  • Taxi drivers must be able to produce a receipt for the passenger which details the cost of the journey and the business details of the taxi company
  • Taxi drivers must hold a valid taxi licence and a valid VOG
  • Taxis are not allowed to pick up a passenger that hails from the street
  • Taxis must be contacted directly via phone or online to arrange a pick up, or they can take passengers who are waiting at a taxi rank

NS also provide a Door-to-Door service for business rail passengers with the NS-Businesscard (NS Zakelijk account) for travel to and from any NS train station. Reservations can be made online or via the phone and the costs will be charged to the NS Zakelijk account.