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The Maastricht Region thoroughly embraces its location at the heart of Europe, providing international standard childcare options and a wide range of community groups both active and social. The region openly welcomes international residents and is a preferred choice for expats as it accommodates their language, religious, personal and social requirements.


As well as the Dutch language, the Maastricht Region is home to a number of different dialects that aren’t heard anywhere else in the Netherlands. Depending on the distance to the Belgian and German borders, the dialects can sound distinctly German, Flemish or even French. Residents of the Maastricht Region often speak their own dialect, Dutch and either French or German as well as English, which makes things easier for newcomers. For those eager to learn, there are many language classes and courses to follow as well as meet-up groups where you can practice your rolling r’s and guttural g’s and become acquainted with a few words and phrases that will put you in good stead with your new fellow residents.

News in English

Stay informed with dutchnews.nl, the Holland Times, NL Times or RTV Maastricht / News in English.

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InterNations is the largest global network and information site for people who live and work abroad, with about 3.4 million members in 420 cities around the world. Our Maastricht community has about 4000 members coming from more than 140 different nationalities.