Health screening

In the Netherlands, preventive health check-ups are arranged for a limited number of health problems and are nationally coordinated and free of charge. Invitations for taking part in health screening are sent by the Bevolkingsonderzoek Zuid Limburg or GGD Zuid Limburg.

Participation is on a voluntary basis. For those not wanting to participate, return the invitation which indicates an opt out.

National preventive health check-ups are carried out for: 
  • Cervical cancer (once every five years for women aged 30-60)
  • Breast cancer (every two years for women aged 50-75)
  • Bowel cancer (every two years for those aged 55-75)
  • Influenza vaccination (for vulnerable age groups)
  • Hereditary high cholesterol level
  • Pregnancy screening, newborn screening tests and hearing tests.
  • Children are regularly tested for growth, hearing etc. at the child health clinics.  
Risk groups

Screening for other illnesses is not routine in the Netherlands. However, for those in a high-risk group (due to family history, previous illness, etc.) they will be monitored and screened regularly. A GP can write a referral for a specialist if necessary.