Expat Centre Maastricht Region; Monique Kostons

Language & Culture

For those that are eager to learn Dutch or for instance French. Or for those who want to get together with other internationals in Irish, Spanish or South African. There are several locations in the Maastricht Region to meet with others in a fun and informal setting.
To practise Dutch
  • Taalmaatjes Heuvelland (Humanitas) where you can apply for a language buddy with whom you can talk, read, watch television, drink coffee or tea or go for a walk while practising Dutch.
  • Maastricht Babelchat is a fortnightly informal gathering in Maastricht for people wanting to practice their Dutch and English conversation skills.
  • Traject offers various language activities like Taalcafé, Taalles (group class Dutch) and Taalspreekuur (Language consultation hour). Multiple locations in Maastricht.
  • Taalcafé Centre Céramique Maastricht. Learn Dutch over a cup of coffee or tea. Every Thursday from 10:00 - 12:00.
  • Taalcafé Malpertuis. Learn Dutch over a cup of coffee or tea. Every Tuesday from 10:00 - 12:00 at bibliotheek Malpertuis, Maastricht.
  • Taalcafé Stein in the library of Stein for those who already speak and understand a little bit Dutch. 
  • Taalcafé Eijsden-Margraten online or live at het Sociaal Centrum in Eijsden.
  • Taalpunt Echt-Susteren in library Echt-Susteren at Fridays between 11:00 - 13:00. Taalpunt is in contact with all language initiatives in Echt-Susteren and its surroundings such as schools, training courses and language projects.
  • Alliance Française brings French language and culture to Maastricht and the surrounding area through; French language courses, readings, film and music evenings, Café Français and group outings.
  • Circulo Cervantes is an association of lovers of the language, culture and history of Spain and Spanish America; the association regularly organises all kinds of activities around these topics.
  • Espanoles in Maastricht Public group in Spanish.
  • South Africans in Maastricht (and surrounding Limburg)  private group for connecting South Africans in Maastricht (and surrounding Limburg). To organise activities, get-togethers and support newcomers.
  • Oekraïne Maastricht  Public group for all people from Ukraine in Maastricht, and for all the host family's and all initiatives to help.
  • Indian lives in Maastricht Public group, random topics.
  • Americans in Maastricht Private group for Americans living in Maastricht.
  • America Europe Friendship Association Their mission is to promote, stimulate, build and strengthen the Social, Cultural and Friendly ties between the citizens of North America, Europe and the Netherlands, in particularly Limburg.  
  • Netherlands America Institute Limburg (NAIL) The key objectives of NAIL are to maintain and strengthen social, cultural and economic ties, to promote friendship between citizens of the USA and the Netherlands. These days all expats are included, not just US citizens.
  • Irish in Maastricht Region Public group for Irish people and friends in the Maastricht Region including Zuid-Limburg, Liège, Aachen...
  • Language Exchange Maastricht Public group to learn or improve a language, meeting new people from other countries and cultures. Makuna Hatata organises meetings for Maastricht people from all around the world.
  • Brasileiros em Maastricht e regiao Private group on Facebook.