In the Netherlands every individual has a right to practice their own religion or conviction. Traditionally, the Maastricht Region was strongly Roman Catholic. Although there has been a big decrease in the number of people who attend church, the traditions are still part of the culture. For instance, Carnaval. Today, a growing number of residents practice Islam and other religions.

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Currently, Roman Catholicism is the single largest religion in the Netherlands. Approximately 24% of the Dutch population identify themselves as 'Catholic', although the number is declining and only 6% of those who identify themselves as Roman Catholics attend Mass regularly.

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The Protestantse Kerk in Nederland – PKN (Protestant Church in the Netherlands) was established in 2004 after merging of 2 major strands of Calvinisim, the Nederlandse Hervormde Kerk (the Dutch Reformed Church) and Gereformeerde Kerken in Nederland (the Reformed Churches of the Netherlands) with the Evangelisch-Lutherse Kerk (Evangelical Lutheran Church). However, there are many different Protestant churches. Dutch services are usually stricter, and not typical for other branches.

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Desi Toli – a local group of expats from India who organise Indian cultural activities in Maastricht