In the Netherlands every individual has a right to practice their own religion or conviction. Traditionally, the Maastricht Region was strongly Roman Catholic. Although there has been a big decrease in the number of people who attend church, the traditions are still part of the culture. For instance, Carnaval. Today, a growing number of residents practice Islam and other religions.

Christian churches
Roman Catholic

Currently, Roman Catholicism is the single largest religion in the Netherlands. Approximately 24% of the Dutch population identify themselves as “Catholic”, although the number is declining and only 6% of those who identify themselves as Roman Catholics attend Mass regularly.

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The PKN (Protestant Churches of the Netherlands) was established in 2004 after merging of two major strands of Calvinisim (the Dutch Reformed Church and the Reformed Churches) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Netherlands. However, there are many different Protestant churches. Dutch services are usually stricter, and not typical for other branches.

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Occasional services in German:

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  • Synagogue Maastricht, Bogaardenstraat, Maastricht
  • Markaz Al-Houda, Borrekuilstraat 50A, 6163 AE Geleen
  • Nour Moqsue, Kempkensweg 10,6412 AW Heerlen
  • KUBA Mosque, Eikenderweg 79A, 6411 VJ Heerlen
  • El Fath Mosque, Sint Lucassingel 70, 6217 JC Maastricht
  • Tevhid Mosque, Weustenraadstraat 24, 6217 HZ Maastricht
  • El-Mohsinine Mosque, Paulus Potterstraat 2, 6137 TM Sittard

Desi Toli – a local group of expats from India who organise Indian cultural activities in Maastricht