Fast Track process EU nationals

The Expat Centre Maastricht Region offers a fast-tracked way of registering employees from the EU/EEA who have relocated to the Netherlands as a kennismigrant (highly skilled migrant), onderzoeker (researcher) or top artiest (professional artist) along with their family members. To be eligible for a fast track registration the applicant’s employer must be an IND erkend referent (IND recognised sponsor). 

Regular EU process
  • EU nationals are able to move and work freely without restriction in EU member states, no visas or work permits are required.
  • When moving to the Netherlands EU nationals need to register with the municipality within five working days of arrival. They are required to make an appointment with all family members attending in person and ensure the following documentation is provided:
    • a valid passport or identity card;
    • non-EU citizens must also have a valid residence permit, be in the process of applying for one or have intent to apply within four weeks;
    • a tenancy agreement, or a signed statement with a photocopy of the passport of the main occupant, stating that they are allowed to register at that address, or a document that proves that the applicant is the owner of a property: a deed of ownership or a deed of transfer;

The following documents are not necessarily required at the registration appointment however must be supplied for administrative purposes:

    • an original or legalised copy of the applicant’s birth certificate;*
    • if applicable, an original or legalised copy of the applicant’s marriage/divorce certificate.*
  • Processing of the application can take up to four weeks.

* If the document is written in a language other than English, German, French or Dutch a translation must be provided by a sworn translator and in some cases the translated document needs to be legalised.

EU employees Fast Track process
  • EU employees of an IND recognised sponsor can use the Fast Track process to register for their BSN at the Expat Centre Maastricht Region. The employee must have an address in Maastricht or one of the participating municipalities.
  • Employees receive their BSN by post within three days after municipal registration at the Expat Centre Maastricht Region.