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Welcome to Maastricht Region

Welcome to Maastricht Region (Maastricht International Centre) focuses on representing and promoting the Maastricht Region as an area where knowledge knows no borders. It offers a platform where employers, international employees, cross-border workers and international students are kept informed of the latest development regarding working and living in our international region. Welcome to Maastricht Region facilitates the following services for residents in the Maastricht Region.

Expat Centre Maastricht Region (ECMR)

Expert advice, services and guidance for expats and international organizations in the Maastricht Region

Cross Border Information Point Maastricht & Cross Border Information Point Aachen-Eurode (GrensInfoPunt/GIP)

Advice regarding living and working cross-border for both residents and people from neighboring countries, specifically concerning topics asuch as tax, social security, pensions, benefits and legislation.

Cross Border Mobility Service Maastricht & Cross Border Mobility Service Kerkrade (Grensarbeid)

Mediation and advice for residents looking to work cross-border; how to find work, interviewing techniques, available training programmes and employment networking events.

Supported by:
Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross border cooperation and Mobility (ITEM)

ITEM operates at the convergence of research, counseling, knowledge exchange ande training activities in the domain of cross-border mobility and cooperation in the Maastricht Region.

European Employment Services (EURES)

European cooperation network of employment services, designed to facilitate the free movement of workers.

Talent Coalition

A partnership between regions in the Netherlands under the coordination of the Netherlands Point of Entry (part of Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) focussing on attracting and retaining international talent to, and within, the Nederlands. Prompted by structural labour market shortages for so-called STEM profiles/HBO/WO shortages.