Maastricht Business Team

If you have any questions about starting a business in Maastricht you are welcome to stop by during the Team Ondernemen Maastricht (Maastricht Business Team) consultation hours.

They deal with any questions you may have about municipal regulations, policies, procedures, permits and licences. They will answer your questions or bring you into contact with the department or people who can.

Examples include: Can you help me find a suitable location for my business? Do I require a permit for advertising on my building? I have found a location for my business; can I set up operations there? May I start a business at my home?

Please send an email to for an appointment.

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Other Business Contact Centres in the Maastricht Region

Ondernemerscontact Sittard-Geleen
Hub Dassenplein 1 
6131 LB Sittard

+31 (0)46 477 8800

Bedrijvencontactpunt Heerlen
Geleenstraat 48
6411 HS Heerlen

+31 (0)45 560 4888​​​​​​​