Bespoke approach for students’ municipal registration in the Maastricht Region

Last week, 100 secondary school students from United World College Maastricht (UWCM) registered at Gemeente Maastricht. The recently arrived international students were escorted by bus to the…



On the third Tuesday of September each year, the Government of the Netherlands presents its financial plans for the coming year. This day is called Prinsjesdag and it will take place on 19 September…


Kristine Paseka interview

She dreamed of a music career in the UK, but on the advice of a teacher, she went to study in Maastricht. Meanwhile, she has been living here for three years and with great pleasure. Next month, she…


Programme partner: Open Dutch Doors

This month we interviewed Sandrine de Goede, consultant and CEO of Open Dutch Doors, a consultancy for both highly skilled internationals and employers in the Netherlands. 


National support centre for labour migration: introduction and when to contact them


Visit Minister of State for Justice and Security and Director of Migration Policy

On Wednesday morning 21 June, we welcomed Minister of State for Justice and Security Eric van der Burg and Director of Migration Policy Sietske Duller. This generated quite some interest from the…