Opportunity for (Eu)regional talent

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, a large part of the working population of the Netherlands has been working from home. This has also been noticed by the customer service employers of Maastricht, such as VodafoneZiggo, H&M and faciliatory contact centres like Majorel and CallExcell. 

Each of these employers has implemented working from home within their own organisation at a rapid pace, and raised it to a new standard. With increasing numbers of residents in the Netherlands ordering or managing their business online from the comfort of their own homes, the number of vacancies in the Customer Service sector has risen sharply to accomodate this change.

Cooperating with Podium24
To fill these available jobs, Customer Service Valley can count on the support of, among others, mobility and recruitment partner Podium24. Late 2019 they already worked together to prepare for a shrinking labour market. “That was a smart move,” says Ramona Corsius, Project Lead Sectoral Approach Customer Service at Podium24. “The corona measures have been dealing heavy blows to various sectors since this past spring. For us this means we now have access to a pool of candidates rapidly deployable for both the partners of Customer Service Valley and other contact centres in the region. This doesn’t just include local candidates, but also Euroregional and international talent.”

Call to action
Thanks to the cooperation between Customer Service Valley and Podium24 it is possible to attract not only local candidates, but also frontier workers and expats. That’s an important step forward, because multilingual candidates are in high demand with employers in Maastricht.


One-stop Shop for a Warm Welcome
Formalities are often a hindrance for attracting talent across the border, but that’s in the past. Thanks to the cooperation with partners such as the Servicepunten Grensoverschrijdende Arbeidsbemiddeling (Cross-border Employment Services), the Grensinfopunten (Cross Border Information Points) and the Expat Centre Maastricht Region, a single government office suffices. Here, all formalities for frontier workers and expats are handled within a day. Customer oriented service that guarantees a warm welcome!

“Cooperation pays. In the good times and the bad,” says Vivianne Heijen, alderman for economy and labour for the city of Maastricht. “With this firm bond between education, entrepreneurs and government we can strengthen the customer service sector further in the coming years. But the contacts we build also put us in a position to respond quickly to changing circumstances.”

About Customer Service Valley
The Customer Service Valley (CSV) foundation is a collaboration between a number of employers in the customer service sector and the city of Maastricht. CSV thinks about, among other things, further development of the field and knowledge sharing, with the goal of strengthening Zuid-Limburg as customer service region and realising an attractive business climate. CSV addresses subjects like tax treaties for frontier workers (working from home or otherwise), a current subject for the long-term business climate of Zuid-Limburg.

Customer Service Valley is official partner of the Expat Centre Maastricht Region.

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