21 February 2022

Gemeente Maastricht has announced that Vastelaovend [Carnaval] will go ahead this year, however it will be smaller and with restrictions.

Carnaval in the Netherlands is a celebration of craziness, of oppositeness, of the switching of what were once normal social roles in society and turning the world on its head. It was later taken by the Catholic Church to be a time to revere the last few days before the period of fasting, known as Lent, which begins on Aswoensdag (Ash Wednesday) each year. That is why you will sometimes see correlations between Carnaval celebrations and associations and the churches in Maastricht.

Gemeente Maastricht fully subscribes to the call to celebrate Carnaval this year, however mainly in our own surroundings. Maastricht will be celebrating Carnaval 2022 under the motto: "mèt belump, neet boete de sjraom en haw 't propel". In Dutch: met beleid, binnen de perken en houd het netjes (with guidelines, within limits and keep it low-key).

For that, good agreements were made between the gemeente, the hospitality industry and the city Carnaval association De Tempeleers.

The people of Maastricht will be able to see the raising and lowering of 't Mooswief (dialect for “vegetable woman" at the market – the icon of Carnaval in Maastricht) on Vrijthof square, marking the beginning and ending of Carnaval. This Sunday and Monday Carnaval parades will make their way through the city. Bars can stay open until 01.00. The events will be more modest, but worthwhile.

Read more about the conditions for Carnaval this year and how you can celebrate along with the city. 

Carnaval Maastricht