Corona update

February 2021

As with numerous other countries in the EU, the Netherlands is currently in lockdown. This means that all non-essential shops are closed, school-aged children follow remote digital lessons, residents are to work from home wherever possible, all non-essential travel is discouraged, and international travel to and from the Netherlands is in many cases not possible. We also have a curfew in the Netherlands, from 21:00-04:30 residents are not allowed to be on the street, in cars, on bicycles or on public transport unless our activity falls under one of the few exceptions, and we have the paperwork to prove it.

All this information and more can be found in English at the Rijksoverheid’s website Our media partner, News in English also keeps us up to date on the latest changes to national, provincial and local Covid-19 regulations and they also offer to answer questions and clarify regulations should our international community require it.

It is a challenging time for everyone facing restrictions, for those facing health concerns and especially for those far from home, or far from family and loved ones without a support structure the situation at times can be overwhelming. Make sure to reach out when you are struggling and take time to head outdoors for a short walk during the day to reconnect with people, with nature and with our beautiful surroundings.

curfew - avondklok.jpeg