Dutch vaccination programme against COVID-19

March 2021

Everyone who is currently residing in the Netherlands is eligible for an EMA-certified COVID-19 vaccination. The vaccination programme includes residents registered in the BRP (Municipal registration).

The Rijksoverheid is still working on an action plan for non-residents who are registered in the RNI (Non-residents Record Database). Privileged persons registered in Probas/MFA can reach out to their host state affairs colleagues for more information.

Vaccination is voluntary
In other words, vaccination is not compulsory. Make sure that you are well-informed, so you can make the right choice. Once the majority of people are immune to the coronavirus, the government can scale down the coronavirus restrictions.

Vaccination procedure
When it is time for your population group to be vaccinated, you will receive an invitation, either by post or email. The invitation will provide instructions on what to bring with you (such as your invitation letter and ID), and where you will be vaccinated. This could be at a large vaccination centre run by GGD Zuid-Limburg, at your GP’s practice, or in a nursing home. Persons who have been vaccinated will receive a vaccination certificate and, upon request, a corresponding sticker for their personal vaccination booklet.

Healthcare workers will receive an invitation through their employer.

The vaccination will be administered free of charge.

Vaccination schedule
The vaccination programme will be conducted in phases. Different vaccines will become available throughout 2021. At first, the available vaccines will be distributed with the aim to reduce severe illness and mortality. Priority will therefore be given to healthcare workers who take care of vulnerable groups with a high risk of illness and death. Thereafter, these vulnerable groups themselves will be vaccinated. GP’s will identify other medical risk groups and RIVM will assign priority by age. Internationals and expats will be integrated in the Dutch national vaccination programme according to the above-mentioned criteria.

Head to government.nl for more information on proposed vaccination schedules for healthcare workers and people who do not work in healthcare.

All this information and more can be found in English at the Rijksoverheid’s website www.government.nl. Our media partner, Meuse-Rhine Gazette also keeps us up to date on the latest changes to national, provincial and local Covid-19 regulations relative to the Maastricht Region and our neighbours in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine and they also offer to answer questions and clarify regulations should our international community require it.

It is a challenging time for everyone facing restrictions, for those facing health concerns and especially for those far from home, or far from family and loved ones without a support structure the situation at times can be overwhelming. Make sure to reach out when you are struggling and take time to head outdoors for a short walk during the day to reconnect with people, with nature and with our beautiful surroundings.

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