Experience Heerlen-Parkstad concept embraced by entrepreneurs

Heerlen Entrepreneurs link up with unique products
15 May 2023

The first entrepreneurs have responded to the Visit Zuid-Limburg Experience Heerlen- Parkstad concept in which 5 dominant eras take centre stage. In the shop, stories about Romans, the knights & thieves, the mines, the transition years and the new élan of today take centre stage, in order to bind guests to the area. From now on, the timelines can also be seen, felt, smelled and tasted at various locations in Heerlen. The tangible products were just presented at the Experience in the Maankwartier in Heerlen, and the edible products can be tasted at the entrepreneurs locations.

Products you can touch

Products from the Roman era, the mining era and a combination of the timelines are now available at various entrepreneurs in Heerlen. These include a cowpea soap that was offered by entrepreneur Mirjam Bouwels of soap-making company ‘Oh my soul’ and her shop 'Het Parapluiehuis' in Heerlen to Kelly Regterschot, board member of the Nederlands Mijnmuseum, and a Roman soap was offered to Hans Thuis, director of the Thermenmuseum.

‘Delicious Store’ in Heerlen sells 2 (drinks) boards including a Roman board and the Schup (shaped like a shovel from the mining era). ‘Heerlen Illustrated’ made retro coasters from various timelines, and there is currently a lot of ongoing development of a high-quality tea, which will again have a Heerlen touch.

Produce you can taste

The entrepreneurs of ‘Jansen and Janssen Coffee & More’ in Heerlen developed a pungent lunch. Great fun to combine with the Booqi ‘Het Mijnverleden op straat’ (the mining past on the street), a walking route in Heerlen available at the Visit Zuid-Limburg Experience Heerlen-Parkstad, Spoorplein 40. At ‘Delicious Store’, 2 Heerlen cheeses can be tasted in addition to the above-mentioned products.

Visit Zuid-Limburg Experience Heerlen-Parkstad

The ‘products you can touch’ are also available at the Visit Zuid-Limburg Experience Heerlen-Parkstad in Heerlen. Here you can also supplement your local produce with other regional products.

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Experience Heerlen-Parkstad