Help! What do I do with my rubbish?

13 February 2023

Gemeente Maastricht collects groente- fruit- en tuinafval – GFT (vegetable, fruit and garden waste) weekly and free of charge. Household rubbish that can’t be recycled is put into special rubbish bags that can be purchased from the supermarket, and is collected once a fortnight.

At the beginning of each year a printed collection schedule is given to each household. The collection schedule is also available on the Milieu App, which can be downloaded for both Apple and Android.

What do you do with household waste that can be recycled such as plastic, tins, glass and paper?

There are milieuperrons (recycling stations) that you can use for free as a resident of Gemeente Maastricht (Municipality of Maastricht). These are clusters of black metal bins at various locations in different neighbourhoods around the city. Please use the millieuperrons only between 07:00-22:00 due to their closeness to residential homes. If the containers are full, take your recycling back with you to try again at a later time. The milieuperrons are emptied regularly and they are not intended to be a dumping site. Please note that the milieuperrons are not also intended for groente- fruit- en tuinafval – GFT (vegetable, fruit and garden waste).

What if I have larger amounts of rubbish from my home or garden that won’t fit in the municipal rubbish bags or milieuperrons?

Other types of rubbish can be taken to a milieupark (recycling centre or tip). All residents are issued with a milieupas once they are registered. You can dispose of most rubbish for free at a milieupark using your milieupas. For some types of rubbish you will be charged. 

What should you do with your rubbish if you are not yet fully registered with a municipality in the Maastricht Region?

Sometimes registration takes a little longer than planned. Your rubbish and other household waste will then not be collected. You can use the milieuperrons for quick disposal of nappies, for example, but not for large amounts of waste.

You can find more information about rubbish collection and recycling on the Gemeente Maastricht website. ​​​​​​​​​​​

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