19 April 2022

Sanctions against Russia and Belarus

The European Union has imposed sanctions against Russia and Belarus after the invasion of Ukraine. Some sanctions target companies affiliated with a Russian or Belarusian parent company. That is why the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) asks all companies that are recognised sponsors to complete a statement. The statement and more information can be found on the IND website.

28 March 2022

How can we help Ukraine?

Gemeente Maastricht: “The Maastricht community sympathises with the Ukrainians who suffer from war and violence. Burgemeester Penn-te Strake: ‘My heart goes out to the residents of Ukraine who are affected by this terrible situation. I have been following the developments with astonishment and horror. The involvement from Maastricht is great and tangible. We see it reflected in demonstrations, fundraising campaigns and the many expressions of support, but also in the understandable questions and concerns of our residents.’

Many Maastricht residents feel the need to do something for people from Ukraine. Aid workers have indicated that enough items and utensils have already been collected – the main need is for money and shelter. They have stressed the importance of careful coordination of activities. If you would like to offer your help, head to the Gemeente Maastricht website for more information on where to start.

Gemeente Maastricht Ukraine
Gemeente Maastricht