I really enjoy working in such an international environment

Interview with our latest team member Timo Korthoef

11 December 2023
Our team has recently been joined by Timo Korthoef. Time for an introduction. Timo is currently working as assistant hospitality coach at the Expat Centre next to his studies. ''I hope to be able to welcome incoming expats and help them get settled in the Maastricht Region as smoothly as possible.''

''I am a student in the final year of European Studies at Zuyd University of Applied sciences. Previously I worked in hospitality in different organisations in the Netherlands and abroad.  

I really enjoy working in such an international environment. There are chalenges though. Sometimes we have to deal with complex cases concerning immigration. In most cases we can give a lot of information, but sometimes we have to refer people to the Dutch Immigration Service.''

What do you love most about the Maastricht Region?

''I love the combination of the city life in Maastricht with its shops, restaurants and cafés as well as the quaint hilly landscape that’s just a few minutes outside of the city.''

Do you have some tips for new and prospective residents of the Maastricht Region?

''Getting in touch with the Expat Centre of course! We will do our best to make you feel welcome in one of the most beautiful regions of the country!''

Timo Korthoef, team ECMR