How to stand out in the wealth of talent that is the Maastricht Region

Internationals meet Recruiters
7 May 2024

Welcome to Maastricht Region (WTMR) co-hosted with SNS Expertisecentrum Maastricht a highly successful first ever “Internationals meet Recruiters” event in April. Of course Expat Centre Maastricht Region as programme partner of WTMR was present as well.

Open Dutch Doors was featured as an insider expert on finding work in Zuid-Limburg. Sandrine connects highly educated internationals and spouses with employers in the Maastricht Region and across the Netherlands. From the recruiter’s side there was an excellent line-up of speakers representing CGI, H&M, Maastricht University, Meet the Youngsters , and Mollie.

Registrations for the event were warmly received when announced in March – filling up quickly – and the evening itself showed no lack of enthusiasm. The first participants arrived an hour before the event had even started and the crowd did not stop pouring in until after the first presentation had already begun. Welcoming more than 100 participants consisting of international students, spouses and long-term international residents hailing from places such as India, the United States and Great Britain.

Sandrine de Goede from Open Dutch Doors provided valuable tips and ideas on how to prepare a CV or an application to start or continue a career in the Netherlands, with a focus on Zuid-Limburg / Maastricht Region. Monique Kostons from WTMR shared information regarding the Talent Portal featured by Welcome to Maastricht Region and each of the recruiters had an inspiring pitch prepared.

After a short intermission, participants met and matched with recruiters. The two most-asked questions were:, How do I talk to recruiters in the Netherlands? and: How do I stand out in the crowd and land a job in the Maastricht Region?

Doors didn’t close until late in the evening. The hosts enjoyed the shared enthusiasm, inspiration and energy from all sides – participants, recruiters, speakers and organisers.

Check the eventpage of our website for similar events coming up soon.

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Internationals meet Recruiters, event, newsletter
Internationals meet Recruiters, event, newsletter