Interview with International: Betty Ajdadi

22 February 2022

We’re so looking forward to finally holding events again. Meeting the newcomers to the Maastricht Region and saying hello again to those we haven’t been able to see for some time. While we’re still finalising our calendar, here’s someone who has lots of experience with what the Expat Centre Maastricht Region has to offer.

Betty is a marvellous example of how you too can become involved in the vibrant international community in the Maastricht Region, both professionally and socially. Betty is originally from Iran. She moved to Maastricht just over a decade ago with her family. In between her familial and social commitments and volunteer work, she still finds time to work as a consultant in Heerlen. A woman who makes the most of life in the Maastricht Region.

Expat Centre Maastricht Region - Interview with international