Interview: Sandrine de Goede - Open Dutch Doors

17 May 2022

Sandrine de Goede is a global citizen: born and raised in Rotterdam, she has lived and worked extensively across the world and is now located in Maastricht. As the daughter of a Dutch father and a Romanian mother who fled her country for political reasons in her early twenties, Sandrine witnessed the difficulty her mother faced as a highly skilled migrant looking for work in her new homeland.

Decades have passed, yet Sandrine still sees this happening today. Especially in situations where a highly educated partner is joining a spouse who was offered a job in the Netherlands. Very often, the now non-working partner puts their own career on hold – sometimes because they want to and sometimes because they feel they have to. The latter is one of Sandrine’s motivations for starting her business. Sandrine feels that has to change – and she believes she is someone who can bring this change about.

Open Dutch Doors, Sandrine de Goede
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