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Dominique Coenen, co-founder 
13 November 2023
Each month we give one of our Programme Partners the floor to introduce themselves and their services so you can ensure you and your employees are getting the most out of life in the Maastricht Region. This month we interviewed Dominique Coenen, co-founder of Expat Management Group.
"I have deep roots in Zuid-Limburg, where I was born and raised. Beginning with a small team working in an attic in Amsterdam, our venture has rapidly expanded, now boasting a dedicated team of approximately 65 professionals across the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany.

We help HR and mobility teams with the onboarding of internationals in terms of immigration compliance, assisting with relocation and settling-in requirements, and helping with employee tax services. 

We also offer home search and settling-in services for individuals who need to relocate or are having a hard time finding their new home on their own.

Our approach is down to earth and human-first with the help of smart technology to streamline our processes in the most effective way.''

How has your organisation been involved in Expat Centre Maastricht Region events or projects?

''In the short time that we have partnered with Expat Centre Maastricht Region we have successfully assisted numerous international individuals and companies in their journey to the Maastricht Region and Euroregion Meuse-Rhine and have been using the expert services that the Expat Centre has to offer. Our commitment to enhancing the expatriate experience and facilitating business growth in the region aligns perfectly with the Expat Centre's mission.

Moving forward, We hope that with the partnership we can further increase collaboration. We will be more actively involved in sharing knowledge, offering insightful solutions and stories, and contributing to the success of internationals and businesses in the region. Being a Programme Partner reinforces our dedication to providing comprehensive support and guidance, ensuring that every international's transition to the Maastricht Region is smooth and successful.''

How can your organisation add value to the lives of expats / internationals in the Maastricht Region?

''I studied at Maastricht University and grew up in Limburg alongside several of my colleagues, so we know the region inside out. We also understand that the housing market in the Netherlands can be a struggle for many and understand the importance of feeling at home and secure in a new country.

We consider every step of the moving and settling-in process for expats and internationals, from finding them a home to settling in, and everything before, in-between, and after. Next to personally following up throughout the process, we can deliver an optimal house-searching experience through our smart technology. This allows us to create an efficient home-searching program based on specific wishes and needs and provides unbiased advice without dependency on a broker. ''

What is the best thing about living in the Maastricht Region?

''One of the most enchanting aspects for an expat or international living in the Maastricht Region is the delightful blend of cultural influences. Nestled in the heart of Europe, it boasts a rich history with its Roman heritage, captivating architecture, distinctive landscapes, and a unique mix of Dutch, Belgian, and German cultures. 

Many Dutch people from the northern parts of the Netherlands consider a trip to Maastricht a mini-holiday due to its distinctive blend of culture and the sense of escape it offers. 

Make sure to indulge in local delicacies (like vlaai), visit the Kazematten under Sint Pietersberg, and take the ‘Mestreechter Brandslang’ pub tour to visit the most eccentric local pubs Maastricht has to offer! Hint: they only serve Brand beer.''

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