Partner Highlight - La Fontaine Makelaardij

16 October 2023
Each month we give one of our Programme Partners the floor to introduce themselves and their services so you can ensure you and your employees are getting the most out of life in the Maastricht Region. This month we interviewed Michèle la Fontaine, founder and owner of la Fontaine Makelaardij in Maastricht.

''My name is Michèle la Fontaine. I am the founder and owner of la Fontaine Makelaardij. I am from Maastricht and speak the Maastricht dialect as well. The last 20 years la Fontaine Makelaardij has helped many expats and internationals find a new home and settle in the Maastricht Region.

Since the pandemic many newcomers now find their home through video calls, as not everybody has the chance to come in person. Virtual viewings have now become very well accepted. We are the client’s ears and eyes in the Maastricht region so wherever they are, if they are looking to rent, we gladly give independent advice on the price, location and quality of a prospective property. We also offer rental houses and flats. Furthermore, many homeowners also put their trust in us to find a matching tenant if so required.''

How has your organisation been involved in Expat Centre Maastricht Region events or projects?
''La Fontaine Makelaardij has been an Expat Centre Maastricht Region Programme Partner for a long time. Not all newcomers are provided with assistance by their employer, so we inform them about the services that the Expat Centre provides to ensure they settle in smoothly and quickly.''

How can your organisation add value to the lives of expats / internationals in the Maastricht Region?
''We understand the anxiety of moving. We know Maastricht thoroughly and most importantly; we are experienced on the specific needs many expats and internationals have. Even though we welcome many different nationalities in Maastricht, everybody wants the same thing: to find a place to call home. We know what expats and internationals are looking for and we guide them expertly through the steps they need to take to find their perfect home.''

What is the best thing about living in the Maastricht Region?
''What I love about Maastricht is the quality of the city. The characteristic buildings, good infrastructure and the kindness of the people of Maastricht. The city offers a variety of culture, shopping, restaurants and the terraces. You can find everything you need withing a short walk or bicycle ride, no matter in what area you live. The surrounding Heuvelland gives me the feel of being on holiday.''

La Fontaine Makelaardij can be reached via email and phone:+31 (0)43 344 0056  


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