Programme partner: Open Dutch Doors

Interview with Sandrine de Goede, consultant and CEO

16 July 2023

Each month we give one of our Programme Partners the floor to introduce themselves and their services so you can ensure you and your employees are getting the most out of life in the Maastricht Region. This month we interviewed Sandrine de Goede, consultant and CEO of Open Dutch Doors, a consultancy for both highly skilled internationals and employers in the Netherlands. 

My name is Sandrine de Goede. Originally from Rotterdam but I have been living with my family in Maastricht for the past 6 years already. I am the founder of Open Dutch Doors. Open Dutch Doors is a career and settling in services company that helps highly educated internationals find interesting work in the Netherlands and that connects them to Dutch employers that want to find and keep talented employees.

How has your organisation been involved in Expat Centre Maastricht Region events or projects?

I work together with the Expat Centre to keep all international labour issues high on the agenda. Not only the expat who has gotten employment at a local organisation, but also the accompanying partner or international graduates that would like to stay in the region.

How does your organisation add value to the lives of expats and internationals in the Maastricht Region?

Open Dutch Doors helps internationals to find work in the Netherlands. They are empowered to build up a new life in their new home country. No matter if it is for a first position or a next career step if they decide to stay longer. Also, the internationals will get insight in cultural aspects of working and living in the Netherlands.

What is the best thing about living in the Maastricht Region?

I just love how international it is. Especially the fact that you hear so much Spanish makes me happy. Furthermore, Maastricht's many terraces, cobble stones and beautiful buildings make me feel like I'm on holidays from early spring to late summer!

Open Dutch Door provides career and settling in services to highly educated internationals, helping them find interesting work in the Netherlands - connecting them with employers wanting to find en keep talented employees.