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6 December 2021

The Netherlands needs knowledge migrants. Tens of thousands of knowledge migrants from all over the world are working in the Netherlands, and many companies cannot manage without them. Nevertheless, many Dutch people know little about knowledge migrants and ignorance prevails. Furthermore, there is a lot of talk about knowledge migrants, but hardly any talk with knowledge migrants. That is why Share My Voice conducts brief surveys among knowledge migrants so that they can personally share their opinions.

How do knowledge migrants feel about the Netherlands?

Knowledge migrants are very important for the Netherlands. However, people hardly ever listen to their opinions, feelings and experiences. That is why we have launched Share My Voice. Share My Voice is an independent research panel of and for knowledge migrants. Share My Voice conducts brief surveys among knowledge migrants so that they can share their opinions and make themselves heard. This allows us to offer additional knowledge to companies and governments, so that they can improve decision-making to better attract, motivate and retain knowledge migrants.

Share your opinion: Share your Voice!

We also need your help for our latest survey. So take part in this brief survey and also let your voice be heard! This survey is about opportunities for training and education at work, and your career ambitions and plans for the future. Take part and let your voice be heard!

Help us improve the employment conditions and quality of life of knowledge migrants and let your voice be heard!

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Independent research

Share My Voice is an initiative of Het Kenniscentrum Arbeidsmigranten: an independent foundation that wants to develop and gather knowledge about knowledge migrants. Various surveys are carried out among knowledge migrants about, for example, working conditions, housing, integration, ambitions and prospects for the future. With these surveys, they strive to better inform civilians, businesses, governments and other parties about knowledge migrants. They can then use this new knowledge to make better decisions. Think of e.g. other forms of housing, more development opportunities and less prejudice among Dutch people.

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