Personal & Social in the Maastricht Region

14 November 2023
What better way to get to know this vibrant region than to meet up with other Internationals or people who share the same hobby or interest in sport? On the Personal & Social section of our website you'll find a comprehensive list of social groups and clubs in Maastricht Region.
Let's introduce you to Daniëlle (Daantje) Jacobs, an intuitive coach who, among her many health and lifestyle talents, organises barefoot walks in Maastricht.

Hi, may I introduce myself, my name is Daniëlle Jacobs but most people call me Daantje. Born and raised in Maastricht, I know the city like the back of my hand and also live in the Wijck area, where one step outside the door puts me right in the centre. 

I have a creative job at Loods5 and I also give intuitive foot massages at people's homes. My hobbies are cycling, mountain biking, yoga, cold-water swimming and walking barefoot in nature as often as possible. But what I also enjoy is making art from recycled materials.

As a true Maastrichtse living in the city centre, I find it important to retreat regularly and go for a walk in nature, preferably barefoot, so that I can come back to myself and be “grounded”. 

Did you know that because we are 79 per cent water, we as humans absorb a lot of radiation from the devices around us, such as your phone, computer, WiFi and LED lighting? In fact, it has been proven that water absorbs information positively but also negatively, to get rid of this, grounding is a must for us, if we don't do this our bodies will be overloaded and this can cause serious health problems. Watch the film "Earthing" by Clint Ober, which explains and demonstrates this in great detail.

It is actually the most simple and free "medicine" with enormous positive effects, which I have been promoting here in Maastricht for a number of years by regularly organising barefoot walks so that people step out of their comfort zone and make more contact with their body, thus feeling better and having a lot of fun.

Grounding in itself is an adventure for most who participate but it also creates connection and you get to know a lot of new people, ideal for expats to connect in a different way. 

Grounding is suitable for everyone and it does not matter where you are from, a piece of nature is close to the city so I cordially invite you to come along sometime and I will be happy to explain more.

I also have many more good tips about health and our beautiful city of Maastricht....I'll see you soon!

For more information or Barefoot training you may contact Daantje Jacobs on instagram.