StartersCentrum Limburg

July 2021

Many spouses and partners of knowledge migrants consider starting their own business once they have settled in the Maastricht Region. For them, StartersCentrum Limburg is the perfect partner. Every year, StartersCentrum Limburg advises and guides hundreds of people in setting up their own business. This service is free of charge for (starting) entrepreneurs in all municipalities across Zuid-Limburg. Residents can make an appointment for a one-on-one consultation about their business ideas, and to be put in touch with the right partners or for explanations about business law and regulations. StartersCentrum Limburg also organises webinars about taxation, writing a business plan and working as a ZZP’er (freelancer).

StartersCentrum Limburg
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Photo: John Pletzers

Raed Al Rammahi, barbershop