It’s most definitely a certainty. No matter where you live, there’s always tax to pay. Each country has their own unique taxation system, some are easier to navigate than others.

In the Netherlands the taxation year is the same as the calendar year and tax returns from the year just gone must be filed before April 30. Most residents who need to file a tax return in the Netherlands will receive one of those conspicuous blue envelopes from the Belastingdienst. However, if you haven’t received one you still may be eligible for a tax return, and in addition, due to that fact that all taxation forms whether online or on paper are in Dutch it’s always recommended (at least in the first few years of living in the Netherlands) to consult a taxation specialist.

In our exclusive Partner Programme we have two highly skilled taxation agencies, Baat accountants & adviseurs and Brothers Consultants. Feel free to contact them on topics ranging from personal taxation questions to the 30% ruling to import taxation and beyond.

A very brief overview of the four main income tax forms in the Netherlands are:

  • C Form – Foreign residents that are earning money in the Netherlands but living/working in a different country
  • P Form – Private individuals
  • W Form – Freelancers and business owners that are making money
  • M Form – For people who have migrated to or from the Netherlands in that taxation year

Tax Return Session
Expat Centre Maastricht region is holding an online Tax Return Session on Thursday 18 March from 18:00-19:00 where our official partner Baat and Team GWO will be answering your taxation questions on living and working in the Netherlands.
Register for this event here.