Welcome to Maastricht Region at the MIT European Career Fair (ECF)

22 January 2024

Our colleagues from Welcome to Maastricht Region will be at the MIT European Career Fair (ECF), being held in Boston from 29 February to 4 March. During the event, there will be opportunities to engage in work visits, explore local universities, and have interviews with the attendees in STEM disciplines.

The participation in the ECF aims to attract, connect, and retain diverse talents, fostering a vibrant community. Our long-term vision is to transform Maastricht into a globally recognized hub for professional and personal growth, positioning the region as an attractive and sustainable home for international talents.

Welcome to Maastricht Region is an initiative of the Service points Cross-border work (Grensarbeid) Maastricht & Kerkrade/ Cross-border information Points (GrensInfopunt) Maastricht & Aachen-Eurode and the Expat Centre Maastricht Region. Supported by the Institute for Transnational and Euregional Crossborder cooperation and Mobility (ITEM) and the European Employment Service (EURES).