Give your feedback on living or working in Maastricht via the 'inwonerspanel'

Do you want to give your feedback on living or working in Maastricht? Join the conversation by joining the Maastricht Forum inwonerspanel. We talked to Geneviève van Liere, researcher at the Afdeling…


Prinsjesdag – the State Opening of Parliament in the Netherlands

The Dutch parliamentary year starts on the third Tuesday in September. On this day the government announces its plans for the coming year. We thought we’d take a moment to review their announcements…


Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen 2022 – vote if you are eligible!

On 16 March 2022, the Gemeenteraadverkiezingen (municipal elections) for Gemeente Maastricht will be taking place. These elections take place across the country every four years and, unlike other…


Cross-border worker agreements extended until 31 March 2022

Due to our unique location in Europe, a significant number of organisations and individuals in the Maastricht Region operate cross-border.


Interview with internationals: Daniel & Juan

Daniel and Juan, a couple from Argentina, are just bursting with enthusiasm about the Maastricht Region and all it can offer both recent arrivals and long-stayers. A ustedes, señores…


What’s going on in the Maastricht Region: weekly markets

Since the weekly markets are still allowed to go ahead during the pandemic, we thought we’d share a few tips for getting outside in the fresh air and picking up a bargain, a bouquet, an antique or a…