Ending of partial foreign tax liability

Currently, taxpayers who are resident in the Netherlands and utilse the 30% tax facility can select to be treated as foreign taxpayers for box 2 (inkomen uit aanmerkelijk belang) and box 3 (inkomen…


Welcome to Maastricht Region at the MIT European Career Fair (ECF)

Welcome to Maastricht region welcomes you to join us at the MIT European Career Fair (ECF), scheduled from 29 February to 4 March , 2024. During the event, there will be opportunities to engage in…


Multilingual childcare to be regulated by law

From 1 February 2024, kinderopvangcentra (childcare centres) in the Netherlands will be allowed to offer multilingual daycare. A maximum of 50% of childcare time may be offered in German, English or…


NEW EDITION Maastricht Region Manual

We proudly present our new Maastricht Region Manual 2024 edition: the go-to guide for new and not-so-new arrivals in the area.


I really enjoy working in such an international environment

Our team has recently been joined by Timo Korthoef. Time for an introduction.


Atelier Zoë

Nestled in between the restaurants, hairdressers and clothing shops in Wyck’s hip Rechtstraat, we find Atelier Zoë, a zen-like destination literally carved by her husband Simon’s hands. Zoë, born to a…