Additional rules for working with flexible workers again

On 1 August 2022 the European Union (EU) laid out new legislation in the field of labour law. This was as a result of the Act implementing the EU Directive on transparent and predictable terms of…


Heerlen collaborates with RWTH Aachen

The Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) in Aachen (DE) is preparing to leap across the border to Limburg (NL) – part of a master's programme will take place in Heerlen this autumn. All…


Dear Cyclist, keep the pavement clear please!

Did you know you can help a lot of people by parking your bicycle correctly? Ria,Miranda and Paul, 3 disabled people in Maastricht, explain why clear space on the pavement is so important to them.


Be aware of phone scams

We were informed by police that many young people with an international background are being digitally scammed. They receive a call from “a government agency” and are told that they are on an…


Vaccination programme

All children in the Netherlands have the right to be vaccinated, also children who are not officially registered for whatever reason. An invitation for vaccination is not necessarily needed, however…


Tip: Lumière Open Air Film Festival

Watch films under the stars from August 17th - 28th during the the third edition of the Lumière Open Air Film Festival. Choose from current films and enduring classics, cult films, documentaries, and…