Programme partner: LexQuire International Tax & Law

This month we interviewed Branko Reumkens, partner/notary and lecturer in (international) family law and personal law at LexQuire International Tax & Law. 


Maastricht is culture

Column by Martje Gulikers, Marketing & Communications Manager at Maastricht Marketing: ‘Culture costs money. Culture is trivial. Culture is something for intellectuals.’ There are various conceptions…


Experience Heerlen-Parkstad concept embraced by entrepreneurs

The first entrepreneurs have responded to the Visit Zuid-Limburg Experience Heerlen- Parkstad concept in which 5 dominant eras take centre stage. In the shop, stories about Romans, the knights &…


Erkend referenten (recognised sponsors) fines and warnings in 2022

Your organisation must be an erkend referent (recognised sponsor) before you can submit an application for a residence permit on behalf of a highly skilled migrant, or act as intermediary for an au…


Koningsdag 27 April 2023

At the end of April each year the Netherlands ramps up its usual love of all things “oranje” and cities as well as people across the country are covered in orange decoration – called Oranjegekte…


Mollie opens office in Maastricht

Payment service provider Mollie, a billion-dollar company with Dutch origins, opened their new office in the Sphinxkwartier.