Zuyd University of Applied Sciences is an open knowledge institute where professionals in every phase of their development cross the borders of disciplines and organizations to collaborate on the development, transfer, and application of high-quality, practically-oriented knowledge. Zuyd is involved in applied research that is relevant for our society in several sectors. Research aims to stimulate the innovation of knowledge in higher education and regional companies.

Zuyd is one of the 10 largest universities of applied sciences (polytechnic) in the Netherlands and has been awarded a top 5 ranking for several years. Zuyd has 13,000 students and 1,800 employees.

Study programmes

Zuyd offers a wide range of study programmes that are focused on the interests of students and the needs of the regional, national and international labour market. Zuyd offers 5 Bachelor’s and 7 Master’s degree programmes that are taught in English. All of Zuyd’s faculties are relatively small, tight-knit communities, where students find a personal and welcoming atmosphere. Lectures are interactive, with room for personal guidance as well as the freedom to develop into a skilled and creative professional. Zuyd’s project-based learning method allows students to work in small groups of no more than 15 students, supported by a tutor. This method encourages to actively participate in group discussions and to enhance the students problem solving skills.

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