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Conducting business abroad means confrontation with legal and cultural differences. Small dissimilarities have huge consequences, create unwanted situations.

With offices in Maastricht, Venlo and Eindhoven and more than 70 attorneys, Boels Zanders offers wide ranging services on a national and international level. Not only does Boels Zanders provide legal guidance suitable for a commercial environment, it also builds strong and long lasting relationships with its clients. As a result of these strong and long partnerships the needs and requirements of clients are easily understood as well as met. Boels Zanders attorneys also are familiar with all legal aspects of business. Another reason they act as a partner for their clients and are able to look beyond conventional paths to find practical, innovative and cost-effective legal solutions and business strategies. Boels Zanders attorneys commit themselves to high standards of excellence. They are experts at every legal aspect of business, seasoned practitioners, with knowledge of their clients' industry and business ventures. They are competent and committed.

Boels Zanders offers a wide range of legal services. The many different resources available to the attorneys are combined for the benefit of the client. This prevents endless searching for the right attorney. Boels Zanders attorneys are responsive and practice timely communication throughout.

Working with Boels Zanders means clients benefit from a combination of vast specialist knowledge and personal contact. Clients communicate with one contact, an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the organization. With Boels Zanders the right attorney is only one phone call away. Even if the legal issue at hand covers a variety of legal fields.

Clients value Boels Zanders for its service, open communication, vision, reliability, its approach to solve critical problems and its sector knowledge.

International Desk
If a client conducts business abroad or a foreign client has a legal issue in the Netherlands, the attorneys of Boels Zanders' International Desk are there to help. Business abroad means clients can be confronted with legal as well as cultural differences. Even the smallest dissimilarities can have huge consequences and could create an unwanted situation.

International Desk attorneys advise and counsel Dutch companies and organizations abroad. But that's not all: with their knowledge of the Dutch law they also advise foreign entrepreneurs, their companies and other organizations as well as foreign nationals seeking to or assigned to work in the Netherlands.

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