Expat Management Group

Expat Management Group specializes in all aspects of corporate Immigration and the Relocation of employees and other individuals and we provide mobility solutions to HR teams dealing with attracting and retaining international talent to the Euregion. We have the stability and experience of a large firm while still providing the flexibility of smaller businesses. With an in-house Immigration and Relocation team working closely together, we are able to prioritize smooth and prompt communication, both between our teams and between us and our clients.

At Expat Management Group we believe we live in a globally connected society where people move across borders to follow their dreams and are ready to start a new life. Why do we move? Dreams. Ambitions. Culture. Love. Curiosity. 

We move because of the things that move us. At Expat Management Group we will always treat you like a human. Not another number in a spreadsheet. 

When you move, we follow.
You discover, we guide.
You connect, we integrate.

To this end we offer personalized Immigration & Relocation Solutions with a digital approach. Seamlessly. Frictionless. Human first

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