LexQuire Tax & Law

LexQuire Tax & Law offers a wide range of legal and tax advisory services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. Our specialists, consisting of lawyers, a public notary and tax advisers provide services covering various fields of law, including tax law, corporate law, employment law and immigration law.

For expats, we provide specialized services to help them navigate the difficult tax and legal landscape associated with living and working in a foreign country. Our services for expats include corporate law, estate planning, tax advisory services, immigration services, and employment law services.

We assist expats who own or operate businesses by providing corporate services such as incorporation, tax planning, compliance, and corporate transactions. We also help expats with estate planning by creating legal instruments to protect their assets and ensure their wishes are carried out in the event of their death.

Our tax advisory services cover expat's tax obligations in their country of residence, tax planning, tax filing, and resolution of any tax disputes that may arise. For immigration services, we offer assistance with visa applications, work permits, residency permits, and any legal issues related to immigration status. We can also help with employment law issues such as employment contracts, disputes, and discrimination claims.

We provide our services in multiple languages to better serve our clients. With our expertise and experience, we offer invaluable support to expats seeking to make the most of their time abroad. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive legal and tax advisory services.


''LexQuire is a very international firm. We do not only have employees from across the border, we also have a multitude of international cases. This is what makes us unique in the Netherlands.'' - Branko Reumkens partner/notary and lecturer in (international) family law and personal law at LexQuire Tax & Law. Read the interview.