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Hiring highly skilled migrants without a recognized sponsor?

Have you ever thought about hiring an employee from outside the EU? If you want to employ employees from outside the EU, you will have to deal with additional regulations and administrative requirements. Your employee needs an IND sponsor to act as a sponsor for his work and residence permit.

We can help you quickly by acting as legal employer for your expat or highly skilled migrant. The knowledge migrant can therefore start working for you within a few weeks. Is the employee already in the Netherlands as an Expat? Then he or she can often start work the next day! We take care of the administrative handling, applying for a visa and the implementation of special arrangements such as the 30% facility.

With more than 15 years of experience as a legal employer of knowledge migrants, we have all the necessary knowledge in-house. As a “recognized sponsor”, we can act as a sponsor of the knowledge migrant and we have short lines of communication with the IND. We ensure that you can quickly and easily hire the best Expats.

Would you like help with hiring, finding or relocating knowledge migrants? We are happy to help you! In addition to acting as a recognized referee we offer worldclass expertise, global recruitment and consultancy for healthcare providers, health tech, health insurance and life sciences through our subsidiary Gepardo Healthcare.

Do you want to open a Dutch branch for your international parent company?

Hiring Dutch employees is not easy if knowledge of Dutch regulations is still lacking. And Non-EU employees are not allowed to simply work here. The organization often must become an IND sponsor for this. And that can take quite some time. And of course you don't want to deal with that at this stage.

Fortunately, administration and regulations for employers are our specialty. We can help you by taking on the legal role of employer, possibly temporarily. We can also help with finding staff. In the Netherlands or worldwide. So that you can do what you came to do: conquer the Dutch market!

Do you also need help setting up your BV or tax issues? We work closely with legal and tax specialists in international issues. We are happy to refer you to them.

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