Expat Mortgages

Expat Mortgages takes pride in being a team of dedicated financial experts who believe in seizing opportunities and fostering growth. Our primary focus lies in providing exceptional mortgage advice to expats seeking to own a house in the Netherlands. 

Having built our reputation since 2007, we have formed invaluable partnerships with expats from diverse backgrounds, delivering personalized mortgage guidance to thousands of individuals across various nationalities.

We extend a warm invitation to schedule a complimentary initial meeting with one of our experienced advisors. This meeting can take place at our office, online, or any location that suits your convenience. Throughout the entire mortgage arrangement process, rest assured that you will receive comprehensive guidance in English.

In addition to our specialized mortgage advice, Expat Mortgages offers an array of supplementary services, life insurance, property insurance, building depots, and tax rebates. Furthermore, your dedicated advisor can personally accompany you to the notary when you embark on the joyful journey of purchasing your house. Even after the transaction is complete, they will remain available to address any mortgage-related inquiries you may have in the future.

Why wait any longer? Let’s open new doors together!

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