Expat Mortgages South

Are you finding the Dutch housing market a bit overwhelming or are you just curious about it as an expat? At Expat Mortgages South, we specialize in guiding expats to their ideal homes.

Born out of a collaboration between Expat Mortgages and Corporate Housing Solutions, Expat Mortgages South blends the expertise of the premier independent mortgage provider in the Netherlands with a comprehensive house buying service.

This dynamic synergy gave rise to Expat Mortgages South, which shares its offices in Eindhoven with Corporate Housing Solutions to offer a unique one-stop solution for both home buying and financing support in the southern parts of the Netherlands. With a devoted team led by local experts, including Evelyne Maaswinkel, Steff Driessen, and Denny Janssen, Expat Mortgages South is dedicated to ensuring your international housing journey is smooth and convenient.

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