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Living in the Maastricht Region

The Maastricht Region is a unique part of the Netherlands. The natural landscape, national monuments and urban areas differ greatly to the rest of the country, with Maastricht being the top destination for local tourists and international visitors alike. Located in the southernmost part of the Netherlands it borders on Germany and Belgium, putting it right at the heart of Europe.

Transport connections to Aachen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Brussels, Antwerp, Paris make it an easily accessible area for personal and business travel, as well as contributing to the “bourgondische” way of life in the region. Much of the history of the region can still be found in the impressive city centres, which have been modernised while still retaining the atmosphere of the past.

In recent years investment in industry in the region has seen a boom in educational institutions, research campuses and international business, making the Maastricht Region a key player in global business and innovation.