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Living in Beek

Life is good in Beek. The municipality encompasses beautiful recreation areas where you can enjoy cycling and walking. When it comes to shopping and dining out, Beek has a high-quality range of shops and a wide variety of restaurants. When it is time to get active Sportlandgoed de Haamen is the place to be for athletics, handball, swimming and softball.

Working in Beek

Beek is an enterprising municipality. Every day more than 9,500 people come to work in Beek. Maastricht Aachen Airport (MAA) is located here. MAA has grown into an international air freight centre with the Aviation Valley business park on the north side, and many businesses and organisations operate out of the business park adjacent to the airfields.

Education in Beek

Primary school students in Beek do not have to go far for their education. No fewer than five primary schools are located in the municipality. There are two secondary schools within a short distance; Groenewald in Stein and Graaf Huyn college in Geleen. Tertiary education is offered in Beek, Sittard-Geleen, Maastricht and Heerlen.

Council offices

Raadhuisstraat 9
6191 KA Beek
+31 (0)46 438 9222