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Living in Beekdaelen

Beekdaelen is the largest rural municipality in South Limburg boasting 15 village centres in beautiful, lush green surroundings. An area where there are plenty of recreational possibilities, rich in national monuments such as quaint farmsteads, sprawling estates and traditional village churches. Beekdaelen also has a vibrant social life offering Carnaval associations, sports clubs, scout groups and more. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Working in Beekdaelen

The many companies and organisations in Beekdaelen are located in the business parks, town centres and outlying areas. Think of shops, restaurants, hairdressers, production and transport companies, construction companies and farmers. Beekdaelen also has many small-scale tourist and recreational activities. Beekdaelen is easily accessible via the A76, A79 and Buitenring, two train stations and several bus lines.

Education in Beekdaelen

With 12 primary schools, education for 4-12 year olds is always close by, mostly in the village centres. Children from 12-18 years of age do not have to travel far either, in the directly surrounding municipalities there is a good range of secondary schools.

Council offices

Deweverplein 1
6361 BZ Nuth
+31 (0)88 450 2000