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Living in Brunssum

Brunssum has traditionally offered a home to countless nationalities. It offers pleasant living, working and recreation possibilities. Brunssum has a wide range of amenities, with various shopping centres, an attractive range of homes and many sports facilities, from an indoor swimming pool to a 45-hole golf course. The many parks and the extensive Brunssummerheide nature reserve give Brunssum its green character.

Working in Brunssum

Thanks to solid roadway frameworks, Heerlen, Sittard, Maastricht or Aachen can be reached within minutes. Brunssum offers an interesting business environment and a very extensive range of hotel and restaurant services. The surrounding region has enormous potential with highly innovative companies, research centres, car factories and logistics companies.

Education in Brunssum

Brunssum has 11 primary schools and one international school. There are also ten secondary schools within a 10km radius. In the vicinity of Brunssum are the best colleges, the most international university in the Netherlands and one of the best technical universities in Europe.

Council offices

Lindeplein 1
6444 AT Brunssum
+31 (0)45 527 8555