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Living in Gulpen-Wittem

Gulpen-Wittem is the beating heart of the South Limburg Heuvelland. Known for its undulating landscape, its half-timbered architecture, its peace and quiet and its space. Loved for its quaintness, hospitality and committed residents in ten neighbourhoods, 12 hamlets, connected by the rivers Gulp and Geul.

With almost 300 national monuments, more than 850 monumental buildings, four heritage-listed town- and villagescapes and five heritage- listed country estates, Gulpen-Wittem is rich in cultural heritage. Various cultural and musical events provide moments of connection and community for our residents. The cultivation and preservation of traditions is of paramount importance in Gulpen-Wittem.

Working in Gulpen-Wittem

Gulpen-Wittem is supported by a number of initiatives and organisations on both local and provincial levels in order to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the municipality. Its spaciousness has enabled it to become the location for a number of globally successful businesses and producers and at the same time retain its quaint and picturesque character.

Education in Gulpen-Wittem

Gulpen-Wittem has six primary schools of which one provides special needs education. Scholengemeenschap Sophianum is located in Gulpen and provides secondary education for the area.

Council offices

Willem Vliegenstraat 12
6271 DA Gulpen
+31 (0)43 880 0600