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Living in Heerlen

You will find street art everywhere in Heerlen’s city centre: by local, national and international artists. Sometimes high above street level and sometimes so small that you almost pass by and not notice. Heerlen is also adding more creative and playful elements to the city centre that make visitors – young and old – wonder and smile.

Heerlen has a full calendar of major events such as international visual theatre festival Cultura Nova, the Schrit_tmacher cross-border dance festival and the International Breakdance Event (IBE). One of the most beautiful theatres in the Netherlands hosts large and small productions every week and Nieuwe Nor you can catch live music performances by musicians from the Maastricht Region or further afield. Want to discover Heerlen's rich past? Then visit the best preserved Roman building in the Netherlands at the Thermenmuseum, wander the recently opened Nederlands Mijnmuseum or take in Kasteel Hoensbroek, one of the largest castles in our country.

Heerlen's extraordinary architecture is also well worth seeing, such as the Glaspaleis, the Raadhuis and the Royal Theater – all by architect Frits Peutz. Also take a stroll through the new unique station area: the Maankwartier. It is a more recent gem, newly nestled in the city, where all kinds of symbolism is hidden in the architecture and yours to discover.

Education in Heerlen

The city borders on vast parks and nature reserves, as well as our German neighbours in Aachen, a student city just across the border. Childcare facilities and schools are well spread across the city. The Open University is headquartered in Heerlen, offering online academic education and research. Zuyd Hogeschool offers a wide variety of courses and RWTH Aachen recently opened a campus in Heerlen.

Working in Heerlen

Many large organisations and companies in the region have offices located in Heerlen: APG, CBS, Zuyderland hospital, Doc Morris and Medtronic. At the Brightlands Smart Services Campus, companies, knowledge institutions, governments and non-profit organisations work together to tackle social and business challenges with Artificial Intelligence. The Avantis business park, which lies precisely on the border between Aachen and Heerlen, is home to a number of organisations including WTC Heerlen/Aachen.

Council offices

Geleenstraat 25
6411 HP Heerlen
+31 (0)45 560 5040



  • International Breakdance Event (IBE)
  • Cultura Nova
  • ParkCity Live
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Social Groups & Social Clubs

To get you started, we've listed a few social groups for you in Heerlen. Most of them in English. 
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