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Living in Kerkrade

Kerkrade is home to 46,000 residents, a green and peaceful community close to the German border. It has a lot to offer as a residential town. From a green oasis of tranquility to a lively town centre, in Kerkrade, the warm ‘gemütliche’ character of a village goes hand in hand with the energy of a vibrant city. Kerkrade has many facilities in the cultural, sports and recreation sectors. Various cultural attractions including Discovery Museum, the Leisure Dome, Rolduc Abbey and Gaia ZOO make Kerkrade a popular destination. Kerkrade is in easy reach of Aachen, Maastricht and Liège and for further exploration the nature reserves Ardennes (BE) and Eifel (DE) aren’t far away.

Working in Kerkrade

Kerkrade has well-equipped business parks which at present are facilitating numerous international organisations as well as the Eurode Business Center, a cross-border business complex, housing international services for employers and employees. Entrepreneurs are supported by the municipality to establish and further develop healthy businesses in Kerkrade. This policy, which is based on the idea that people achieve more together, bears much fruit.

Education in Kerkrade

There are two options for international primary and secondary education within reach of Kerkrade, both also accessible by public transport.

Council offices

Markt 33
6461 EC Kerkrade
+31 (0)45 567 6767