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Living in Maastricht

Maastricht is widely known as the heart of Europe. Its unique location, bountiful natural resources and resilient people has placed it at the centre of great battles as well as wonderous discoveries and now elevates it to the forefront of global innovation, education and culture.

A city with a reputation for its “bourgondische” way of life, Maastricht strives to be the new breeding ground for modern culture. Bringing professionals and amateurs together with a view to becoming the epicentre for residents and visitors to partake of, participate in and even co-create new cultural experiences and happenings.

Thuis In Maastricht has an overview of the neighbourhoods in Maastricht in English.

Working in Maastricht

With a thriving business community, established international investment and a prolific entrepreneurial population, Maastricht offers extensive professional opportunities for knowledge migrants, researchers and professional artists. Collaborations between institutions and organisations cater for career paths for accompanying spouses, ensuring the unique professional needs of international families are met. A plethora of knowledge campuses provide access to the technology, funding and advice required by start-ups and international investors.

Education in Maastricht

One of the youngest cities in the Netherlands in terms of tertiary education and currently the most international in regard to its student population, Maastricht prides itself on offering a diverse range of courses that caters to the demanding requirements of today’s future workforce. Both primary and secondary international schooling is available in central Maastricht, as well as bilingual choices and immersion options at local schools offering Dutch curriculum.

Council offices

Mosae Forum 10
6211 DW Maastricht
+31 (0)43 350 4040

Social Groups & Social Clubs

What better way to get to know this vibrant region than to meet up with other Internationals or people who share the same hobby or interest in sport.

Social Groups Maastricht